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  • Hans Winkler


    Hans Winkler (b. 1955) is an artist and curator who lives and works in Berlin and New York. Since 1999, he has been Visiting Artist and Lecturer at the San Francisco Art Institute. Winkler’s art projects include The Escape of the Iceman/Ötzi (2008) in collaboration with the Department of Archaeology at EURAC, Bolzano and the Museum of Modern Art; Held Saga (2005) at Adademie der Kuenste, Berlin. In 2005, Winkler worked with grunt gallery and organizations in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to produce Nova Library (Junkie Reading Room), a library of books about “junkie literature” inside the main branch of the Vancouver Public Library. Inspired by William S. Burroughs’ novel Nova Express, the library/social sculpture, created both for and by a community, challenged assumptions about literature, drug culture knowledge and the public sphere. Recently co-curated exhibitions include California Conceptual Art (2010) with Paul Kos and Tony Labat at ar/ge kunst in Bolzano, Italy; and legal/illegal (2004) with Helen Adkins and Kai Bauer at NGBK, Berlin.

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