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  • Carlos Savall Guardiola


    Carlos Savall Guardiola (BMus, MMus) started his musical studies at the age of nine in his hometown of Alicante, Spain. In 2011, he finished his Intermediate Degree studies, entering the Conservatorio Superior de Música of Alicante, studying first under Gonzalo Berná, and graduating in 2015 in the class of Jose Franch-Ballester. He has participated in Master Classes with Andreas Sunden, Corrado Giuffredi, Kari Krikkuu, Ben Lulich and James Campbell. Savall Guardiola completed his Master’s Degree at UBC and is currently pursuing his Doctor of Music Arts at UBC while he continues performing and teaching clarinet in Vancouver. He has played and collaborated with many orchestras including the National Youth Orchestra of Canada, the Vancouver Opera Orchestra, the Youth Orchestra of Valencia and the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra.

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