Article → 11 May 2021

Fata Morgana: Online Extensions

Article → 28 Apr 2021

Peter Wall Roundtable: Curating Critical Pedagogies

In May 2018, the Belkin received a Peter Wall Institute Roundtable Award for to explore Curating Critical Pedagogies, an ongoing research project devoted  to critical practices in contemporary art and curating. The roundtable brought participants together for a five-day closed workshop as well as studio visits and conversations with Vancouver-based…

Article → 19 Apr 2021

Critical Image Forum: Research in Photography and Expanded Documentary

Critical Image Forum is a research project that focuses on the political, ethical, aesthetic and social dimensions of expanded documentary practices. The Forum's primary medium of research is photography, with an interest in how the proliferation of moving images, performance, sound and digital networks have challenged and complicated the veracity…

Article → 09 Apr 2021

Art and Medicine: Rounding at the Belkin

In 2016, Shelly Rosenblum and Carol-Ann Courneya (Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at UBC's Faculty of Medicine) collaborated to create  Art and Medicine: Rounding at the Belkin , a course that invited medical students to consider how engaging with art could strengthen observational skills in the sciences.

Article → 07 Apr 2021

Stations: Belkin x CRWR

In response to Stations: Some Recent Acquisitions, a group of UBC Creative Writing students, Visual Art students, and recent Visual Arts graduates gathered to reflect on the transit between mediums and geographies in the show. What emerged was a series of prompts for viewers to engage with as a creative…