Article → 03 Mar 2021

Works from the Collection: Laiwan

Laiwan writes, "Begun in 1987 investigating the questions, What is an image? What is a photograph?, she who had scanned the flower of the world... is an ongoing project where I collect flowers from the city I am showing in, placing the petals into slide mounts."

Article → 02 Mar 2021

The Score: Performing, Listening and Decolonization

Through the performance and study of unconventional scores by Indigenous artists, the Score Research Cluster engages with decolonization by challenging existing sonic, physical and conceptual frames of Indigenous and settler–colonial knowledge.

Article → 09 Feb 2021

Stations: Instagram Takeover with Marcus Prasad

Article → 28 Jan 2021

Stations: Resources for Research

Article → 26 Jan 2021

Works from the Collection: Liz Magor

Liz Magor talks about the process of creating Tent (1999).