Article → 02 Dec 2019

Outdoor Art: Winter 2019

Article → 13 Aug 2019

Careers: Student Winter 2019/20

Article → 17 Apr 2019

Image Bank at KW Institute, Berlin

This June 2019, a retrospective exhibition of the work of Image Bank opens at KW Institute in Berlin. Co-curated by the Belkin’s Scott Watson with Krist Gruijthuijsen and Maxine Kopsa, the exhibition pulls films, photographs, drawings, collages and other ephemera from the Gallery’s Morris/Trasov Archive to track the collaborative history…

Article → 14 Nov 2018

Outdoor Art: Fall 2018

Article → 28 Aug 2018

Call for Contributions to the Intuition Commons

As part of Collective Acts, we invite you to visit the newly-launched Intuition Commons, a space that aims to facilitate an archive of female influences in creative practice that lie outside of conventional citations.