Article → 08 Jul 2020

Germaine Koh: Crowd Shyness

In crown shyness, trees grow with distinct space between their crowns to avoid spreading pests, to avoid damaging their own fragile tips and to leave room for their peers. They make small, individual sacrifices for collective health.

Article → 19 Jun 2020

Outdoor Art Tour: Bird’s Eye, Bug’s Eye

Article → 16 Jun 2020

Waking Hours: A Project Choreographed by Justine A. Chambers

Chambers’s choreography organizes the sounds offered into an accompaniment for right now, intended to be streamed from this page in real time only. Waking Hours keeps us company, calls out to be with us, to return to the flesh, in the background of our day.

Article → 16 Jun 2020

Sonic Responses

A series of performances that explore the sounds - and silence - of a now-quiet campus.

Article → 10 Jun 2020

BLACK LIVES MATTER: A Statement from the Belkin