Article → 30 Jul 2020

The Balcony as Agent of Reciprocity

My grandparents lived on the top floor of a four story building in the periphery of Florence, just outside the old medieval walls. The neighbourhood was part of a city-wide postwar urbanization project. A series of anonymous-looking ochre apartment complexes with green shutters, dark red roofs and strings of balconies…

Article → 24 Jul 2020

Staff Picks: Works from the Collection

Karen Zalamea talks about Krista Belle Stewart's two-channel video, Seraphine, Seraphine (2014-17).

Article → 17 Jul 2020

Alejandro A. Barbosa: Artist Conversation on Somatics of the Self as Citational Form

Article → 17 Jul 2020

Matthew Ballantyne: Stress Positions

Article → 15 Jul 2020

Jay Pahre: ecologies on the move

Experimental writing and drawing by Jay Pahre as a part of his body of work Flipping the Island.