Article → 04 May 2020

Holly Schmidt: Sensorial Walk

Download and print the sensorial workshop Holly Schmidt devised for UBC mycology students and enjoy nature a little differently.

Article → 01 May 2020

Twenty-minute Walk with Holly Schmidt

The Belkin’s Lorna Brown talks with artist in residence Holly Schmidt about her practice and its relationship to care, distance and embodiment in this very particular historical moment.

Article → 30 Apr 2020

Holly Schmidt: It All Started with a Cashew

Students from UBC’s Department of Biology practice botanical drawing – and immersive observation – with artist in residence Holly Schmidt.

Article → 24 Apr 2020

Belkin Home Delivery

Like most of the world right now, the Belkin is looking at the way we work and wondering how to move forward in this moment of unprecedented change. We are looking at the world through a different lens now – the texts we’ve read are no longer relevant in the…

Article → 14 Apr 2020

Staff Picks: Works from the Collection

Teresa Sudeyko talks about Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller’s 2001 House Burning.