• Rhea Gaur

    Rhea Gaur is an experimental particle physics researcher at TRIUMF, Canada’s particle accelerator, and a Master of Science candidate at UBC. She is a member of the Hyper-Kamiokande experiment, which will observe neutrino interactions in underground detectors in Japan. Gaur is curious about the components that comprise the observable universe and wishes to explore how neutrinos may be able to answer the longstanding questions about the abundance of matter over antimatter. Coming with an undergraduate degree in astronomy from the University of Waterloo, she has long been interested in the search for the cosmic entity known as dark matter using underground detectors. Dark matter makes up 27% of the universe’s contents, whilst ordinary matter – what makes up everything we see and touch – only 5%. Gaur’s research background comes from working in national science institutions such as the Canadian Space Agency, TRIUMF and SNOLAB, where multiple experiments aim to directly detect and study dark matter particles.

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