Jack Harman "Transcendence", 1961 bronze 300 cm. Photo: Michael R. Barrick

  1. Jack Harman "Transcendence", 1961 bronze 300 cm

Jack Harman

, 1961

350.0 cm x 183.0 cm x 110.0 cm
Commissioned by The University of British Columbia, 1961

Located at the southeast corner of the Thea Koerner Graduate Student Centre on Crescent Road, Transcendence marks Harman’s first commission and was cast in bronze at his North Vancouver foundry. Transcendence, which can be interpreted as rising above, going beyond the limits, or exceeding in excellence, is an apt symbol for the University. Water is an integral part of this work, creating sound as well as a sense of movement. The upward thrust of the water is echoed by the raised arms of the figures, each of whom face one of the cardinal points of the compass.

See Portrait Bust of Dr. Norman A.M. MacKenzie for a biography of Jack Harman.

Outdoor Art Tour with Micaela Kwiatkowski, August 8, 2016
Jack Harman’s Transcendence, 1961

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