Gerhard Class, Concerto, 1960-61
Photo: Michael R. Barrick

Gerhard Class

, 1960-61

213.0 x 198.0 x 15 cm
Commissioned with the support of the Canada Council, 1960

Located on the exterior wall of the Main Mall entrance to Buchanan A Building, this abstract sculpture was selected by jury specifically for this site and was funded by a grant from the Canada Council. It was commissioned in 1960 to celebrate the building’s 1958 opening and completed by the artist in 1961. Concerto was restored in 2016-17.

Concerto is made of welded and soldered sheet copper and marks the first time Class used these techniques and material in his work. Metal became a material he used frequently for his sculpture, another example being Tuning Fork located in front of the Music Building at UBC. For Concerto, Class employed copper because of its unique colour.

Gerhard Class (1924-1997) was born in Germany. The tradition of sculpture ran in his family; both his father and grandfather worked in stone. Eager to follow in their footsteps, Class attended the School of Art in Strasbourg, the School for Granite Sculpture in Wunsledel and the State Academy of Fine Arts in Germany. He also attended the Instituto de Allende in San Miguel, Mexico. Class arrived in Canada in 1951 and taught sculpture at the Vancouver School of Art and at UBC, and completed many large commissions in Vancouver and Victoria.

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