• Tobias Ewé


    Tobias Ewé is a Danish theorist currently based in Vancouver, BC. They are writing a PhD on inhuman sound art at the University of British Columbia. Their research focuses on the epistemology of listening in modernity and its symptoms in the sonic arts at the nexus between vibrational cybernetics and speculative aesthetics. Their most recent written work appears in the Bloomsbury Handbook of the Anthropology of Sound, the Bloomsbury Handbook of Sound Art and as the Danish translator of Laboria Cuboniks’ Xenofeminism: A Politics for Alienation. Ewé has exhibited and performed sonofictional diagrams in Berlin, Vancouver, Toronto, Copenhagen, Basel and online.

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  • Ido Radon


    Ido Radon is an artist and writer who works primarily in sculpture, sound and the digital. Solo exhibitions have included those at Air de Paris, Artspeak (Vancouver), Ditch Projects (Springfield), Disjecta (Portland), Et. Al Gallery (San Francisco), Jupiter Woods (London), Melanie Flood Projects (Portland), Muscle Beach (Portland), PANEL (Los Angeles), Pièd-a-terre (San Francisco) and SAND (Phoenix). Her work has been included in exhibitions at the Henry Art Gallery, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art and most recently, Veronica. She did readings for her most recent book, Age of Sand, at Miguel Abreu Gallery, RONGWRONG and Felix Gaudlitz. Radon was raised in California and has lived for many years in Portland, OR.

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