Holly Schmidt Fireweed Fields Summer Intensive June 2022. Photo: Rachel Topham Photography


We hope you’ll join us this spring for talks and presentations related to our ongoing research projects in art and science, and the Anthropocene. Over the past years, we have developed a deep and abiding interdisciplinary research practice related to these themes, working with diverse disciplines that are fortified through oppositions, collaborations and the celebration of new perspectives. We have shared our different fields of experience, expertise and resources to catalyze meaningful responses to research, pedagogy, communication and outreach, and in doing so build responses that are more than the sum of their parts. This methodology of bringing the unique perspectives and practices of artists and curators to academic units presents an opportunity to foster new modes of knowledge exchange. In this spirit, we hope you’ll join us in thinking through these critical areas of inquiry.


Ars Scientia

Building on exhibitions like The Beautiful Brain and Drift, the Ars Scientia research project connects artists with physicists to explore the intersections between the disciplines of art and science. A collaboration between the Belkin, the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and the Blusson Quantum Matter Institute, this spring’s artists’ residencies culminate in a series of talks by JG Mair, Scott Billings and Timothy Taylor, followed by a symposium in May with keynote speaker Kavita Philip.

Tuesday, March 28 at 1 pm

Artist Talk with Scott Billings

Tuesday, April 4 at 2 pm

Artist Talk with Timothy Taylor

Monday, May 15

Symposium with keynote by Kavita Philip


Artists Within the Anthropocene

This series of talks addresses artistic practices and pedagogies in times of ongoing social and ecological collapse. In the alarming context of an increasingly endangered planet, art practices that address and respond to the environment gain new urgency, as artists dare to tread where other practitioners often do not. The artists in this series recognize that we have entered into the Anthropocene, a new geologic era marked by the impact of human activity on the earth. Working in a variety of modes, ranging from critique to practical demonstrations to social practice and activism, these artists express the hope that art can point the way to a more ecologically sustainable future. A partnership between the Belkin and the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies (PWIAS), all talks take place in the PWIAS Seminar Room across from the gallery.

Friday, April 21 at 5 pm

Earth Day Celebration with Kayah George, Ayasha Guerin, Gudrun Lock and Sandra Semchuk

Friday, May 26 at 5 pm

Expanding Capacity Performance and Talk

Friday, June 23 at 5 pm

Listening to Lhq’a:lets with Dylan Robinson and Guests


Ars Scientia collaboration between visual artist JG Mair and Dr. Alannah Hallas at QMI; they worked together in her lab to turn "insightful failures" of high entropy oxides (a type of quantum material) into an artist's medium -- paint.
Image courtesy of Rachel Topham Photography.

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