Photo by Kelly Lycan of an index card from Andrew Ng's research documentation (note created on September 8, 1982 at UBC; from an extensive collection of research polaroids and index cards rescued by Kirk Madison; gifted to Kelly Lycan during Ars Scientia Residency, 2021).

Symposium: encou(n)ters

Monday, May 15 from 2-6 pm at UBC Botanical Garden

The Ars Scientia research cluster launched a collaborative residency program in 2021, bringing together artists and physicists to interrogate the intersections of art and science. Join us at UBC Botanical Garden for our second annual research symposium, encou(n)ters, to learn more about residency experiences and engage in interdisciplinary discussions with our participating artist and physicist investigators. Alongside presentations from Ars Scientia collaborators, we are honoured to invite Kavita Philip for a keynote lecture. UBC's Research Excellence Cluster program seeded Ars Scientia with the objective of creating programming that fuses the practices of art and science in the emerging field of interdisciplinary research.



Expanding Capacity (for pulsing lives and inevitable deaths)

Friday, May 26 at 5 pm at the Peter Wall Institute

Participating artists from the 2022/23 PWIAS Artist Digital Residency will share from collective learnings gathered in their attempt to face the Climate and Nature Emergency from a place of intellectual, affective and relational rigour and response-ability. Deploying artistic practices to confront our complicity with the extractive logics of coloniality, their inquiries address the challenges of decentering and disinvesting from human exceptionalism and the difficult ethical and practical complexities of staying with the trouble of repairing relations. The participatory lecture will include invitations to practices that open up possibilities for thinking, relating and being beyond what is authorized within modern knowledge systems.

Listening to Lhq’a:lets / Vancouver

Friday, June 23 at 5 pm at the Peter Wall Institute

This evening will mark the culmination of a week-long artist residency, during which time artists and scholars will have spent time listening to Lhq’a:lets (Vancouver) to consider how one might come to know this place through listening. By “listening,” we consider the fullest range of sensory engagement: how our bodies listen through the haptics of vibration; how we hear the voices of our non-human relations; how we hear the built environment, the air, the waterways and earth. After spending time in different locations in Lhq’alets, this evening program invites participating artists to share writing and thoughts about their time listening.


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