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St. George Marsh at the Belkin Satellite

Summer Residency

Gareth Moore and Jacob Gleeson

Summer 2007

Belkin Satellite, 555 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

The Belkin Satellite will be closed to the public for the summer and will reopen for a fall exhibition.

This summer the Belkin Satellite is pleased to host a residency for Vancouver artists Gareth Moore and Jacob Gleeson who will continue working on their collaborative project St. George Marsh.

Established in June 2005, and named for the street on which is it was located—in an area that was once swampland—St. George Marsh was a storefront commercial venture in a residential area. The store featured a diverse collection of items for both sale and display, and was in a constant state of flux as materials were amassed, reconfigured and dispersed. It included, among other things, a video rental department/shelf, a candy section, a garden stocked with clippings of plants, a book store and library, a grocery department, and a small gallery. By combining art and museological oddities with ingestible goods, Gleeson and Moore were interested in confusing the roles of these objects.

In August of 2006, St. George March closed its doors. During their residency Moore and Gleeson will continue the task of cataloging and reorganizing the articles that remain from St. George Marsh, transforming the collection into something reflective of it’s past while considering it’s future.

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