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On Location

Kim Kennedy Austin, Vishal Jugdeo, Sally Lee Sui Ling, Anne Elizabeth Low, Michael Euyung Oh

7 September to 5 October 2003

Opening Reception: Saturday 6 September 2003 8 to 10 p.m.

Artists' Talk: Saturday 13 September 2003 2 p.m.

Belkin Satellite, 555 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

Summer Residency July - August 2003

On Location brings together five emerging Vancouver artists whose research into urban, domestic, and virtual architectures examines built space as a site of psychological formation and a platform for critical artistic practice.

The term ‘on location’ also refers to the production of the work on the site of the exhibition. Most of the artists involved have been invited to develop projects at the Belkin Satellite in the two months leading up to the opening of the exhibition. The results are a heterogeneous assembly of installation (Vishal Jugdeo), video (Anne Elizabeth Low), drawing (Kim Kennedy Austin), painting (Sally Lee Sui Ling) and wallpaper (Michael Euyung Oh).

While a number of the works will be grafted onto the actual space of the gallery, they do not aim at conventional institutional critique. Rather, these works use the architectural features of the gallery space to test the intersection of social and aesthetic thought. In this they open up the notion of an improvised space, or a continually shifting location.

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