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Magazine Piece(s), 1970 →

Ian Wallace

30 March to 17 April 2005

Belkin Satellite, 555 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

The Belkin Satellite and CAUSA are pleased to present Magazine Piece(s), 1970 →, an exhibition by Vancouver-based artist Ian Wallace. Since the late 1960s, Wallace has worked with a variety of media and played a seminal role in the development of conceptual art in Vancouver. He was a recipient of the Governor General’s Visual and Media Arts Award in 2004.

Beginning in 1970, Wallace executed Magazine Piece in various forms. His installation specifications entailed taking “any magazine or published media and taping it page by page to the wall in regular formation cover side facing out with any kind of adhesive tape.” A version of Magazine Piece was exhibited at the UBC Fine Arts Gallery in 1970 (along with works by Tom Burrows, Duane Lunden, and Jeff Wall). Magazine Piece(s), 1970 → is part of an ongoing exhibition program at the Belkin Satellite investigating aspects of Vancouver’s experimental art community between 1945 and 1975. The exhibition will include a photograph from the In the Studio series produced by Wallace in 1970.

CAUSA [Collective for Advanced and Unified Studies in the Visual Arts] is developing its work with the aim of opening channels of communication between artists, architects, designers, urban planners, broadcast media directors/producers, curators, writers, and scholars. The public programs of CAUSA address anyone concerned with independent analysis and interpretation of visual culture (including problems of intelligibility and reception) within specific historical contexts. Upcoming exhibitions in the CAUSA program at the Belkin Satellite will include the work of B.C. Binning and Tom Burrows, Robert Kleyn, and Lionel and Patricia Thomas.

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