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  1. Leanne Coughlin Knock knock, 2003 video (1 min)

  2. Daria Tavoularis Annex D (pinboard), 2003 detail of mixed media installation

  3. Melissa Pauw You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You, November 2003 looped video (15:11 min)

Lucky 13

24 January to 8 February 2004

Opening Reception: 23 Friday January 2003 8 to 10 p.m.

Belkin Satellite, 555 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

The Belkin Satellite presents an exhibition of works organized and produced by all 13 artists currently studying in the Master of Fine Arts Program at the University of British Columbia: Erin Coates, Leanne Coughlin, Lynette Gillis, Babak Golkar, Anna Harrison, Kyla Mallett, Peter Mintchev, Eleanor Morgan, Michael Euyung Oh, Heather Passmore, Melissa Pauw, Daria Tavoularis and Rahel Wachs.

The UBC program currently enjoys an atmosphere of international diversity and experimentation with various new and traditional media as well as a rich critical engagement. Lucky 13 includes video projection, installation, sculpture (from ceramic to mechanical), drawing, and photography. With concerns ranging from the intersection of sexual and spatial representations through the social life of popular media to the conceptual deployment of craft strategies, the works of UBC’s MFA candidates offer a unique opportunity to consider the multiple trajectories of critical contemporary art.

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