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  1. Eryne Donahue Saturation, Return (no.19), 2005-6 Digital Print 11x14in

Common Room

A collaborative project between CSST and MFA students from The University of British Columbia

4 March to 2 April 2006

Opening Reception: Friday 3 March 8 to 10 p.m.

Belkin Satellite, 555 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

Closing Party: Saturday, 01 April 8–10pm

Common Room is a two-part exhibition curated by students of The University of British Columbia’s MA in Critical and Curatorial Studies (CCST) program. The first part, opening March 3rd, will present the work of nine emerging artists from the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program. The second part will be installed on March 21st, and any remaining space in the gallery will be filled with works selected from The University of British Columbia’s Art Collection.

A common room is usually defined as a room in an educational institution that is used outside of class hours. In this exhibition, Common Room not only refers to the physically designated space that the participants share as students, but it also connotes the conceptual space shared by any group of artists of varying practices who work within similar circumstances. Any common room is a room of negotiation.

Hovering between the states of aesthetic beauty and repugnance, the exhibited artworks will be framed within the context of the common room—an area between the personal chamber of ideas and works, and that of an openly shared space. The uneasy boundaries between attraction and repulsion and the tensions inherent in discursive spheres will surface in this exhibition.

The selection of internationally recognized works from the University’s art collection will expand the conceptual space of the exhibition beyond the UBC campus. From the physical to the visceral, Common Room demonstrates different approaches to boundaries in art.

Common Room will include the work of: Abbas Akhavan, Eryne Donahue, Rebecca Donald, Derek Dunlop, Marilou Lemmens, Colin Miner, Robert Niven, Kristina Lee Podesva, and Sarah Turner, with selections from the University’s art collection. The participating curators are: Jesse Birch, Sophie Brodovitch, Kegan McFadden, and Liz Park.

This exhibition is supported by the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory at the University of British Columbia. The Belkin Satellite gratefully acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

For further information please contact: Jana Tyner at,
tel: (604) 822-1389, or fax: (604) 822-6689