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UBC Masters of Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition

Heidi May, Cheryl Larson, Evan Lee and Mohamed Somani

15 September—24 September 2000

This year’s University of British Columbia Masters of Fine Arts Exhibition is an excellent opportunity to view an exciting, new generation of Canadian artists, working in such media as video, mixed media sculpture, photography and drawing.

Heidi May’s paintings and digital works uses footage from television and 8mm home movies to raise questions about the effects that media culture and technology have on cultural memory and our perception of ourselves.

Penicillin, dried milk and Tomorrowland; antifreeze, laser tag and polyester resin; detergent, hair gel and seedless grapes. Based on intended paradox, Cheryl Larson’s sculptural work debates aesthetic choices and the seductive nature of modern materials, the factory finish of mass production and the original, hand-made singular object.

Two artists work in the photographic medium. Evan Lee’s work deals with issues of representation, surveillance and conceptualism and Mohamed Somani’s images incorporate drawing, atmospheric effects, and strong narrative impulses.

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