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  1. Ray Johnson. White, 1965. Mixed media collage.

  2. Stephen Prina, Monochrome Painting: A Posteriori Prototype: Average Size, 1994. Acrylic
    enamel on linen, wood crate.

The Monochromatic Field:
Works from the Collection
The Molnar Collection:
A View Of European Art

12 January—11 March 2007

Opening reception: Saturday 13 January afternoon 2:00—4:00 p.m.

The Monochromatic Field spans five decades and features both monochromatic works and works that use a monochromatic field. Emblematic of radical negation and a complete break with the past when it first appeared in the history of art, the monochrome remains a critical gesture with multiple and provocative implications.

The Monochromatic Field also debuts the second project by LOCATION: a roving collective for the acquisition of visual art for permanent collections. This collective donates work by emerging artists who are not yet represented in public collections by soliciting one hundred dollars from fifty individuals for the purchase of the art. The work entering the Belkin collection is a new series of monochromes by Arabella Campbell that stand as a central catalyst for this exhibition. Campbell’s work has been made specifically for the context of the Belkin Art Gallery and addresses its architecture and building materials. (Click here to read press release.)

Other artists in the exhibition include Art & Language, Ben, Tom Burrows, Kenneth Coutts-Smith, Image Bank, Ray Johnson, Gary Lee-Nova, Eric Metcalfe, Stephen Prina, Ron Terada, Glenn Toppings, Vincent Trasov, and Ian Wallace.

The Molnar Collection: A View of European Art will be exhibited in the Print Gallery and includes works on paper by Eugene Boudin, Antoine Bourdelle, Ernst Kirchner, Astride Maillol, Pierre-Paul Prud’hon, Hubert Robert, Auguste Rodin and others. These historical works compliment pieces in our own collection and are on loan to the gallery from Dennis Molnar.

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