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  1. Seeing in Tongues: A Narrative of Language and Visual Arts in Quebec/La bout de la langue: Les arts visuels et la langue au Québec. Exhibition catalogue. 75 pages, colour and b/w images.
    Soft cover. Essay by Johanne Lamoureux $20.00
    ISBN# 0-88865-310-7 — To order contact:, tel. 604.822.2759,
    fax. 604.822.6689.

Seeing in Tongues

A Narrative of Language and Visual Arts in Quebec / Le Bout de la Langue: Les Arts Visuels et la Langue au Quebec

Gilbert Boyer, Geneviéve Cadieux, Martha Fleming and Lyne Lapoint, Raymond Gervais, André Martin, Rober Racine, Louise Robert, Barbara Steinman, Louise Viger

10 November 1995 —14 January 1996

The exhibition is about how questions of identity are posed within or against a nationalist agenda. Guest curated by Johanne Lamourex, Seeing in Tongues examines the ways in which the language issue, an inescapable feature of the sociopolitical landscape of Québec for some thirty years, has worked its way into the visual arts, where it has left its own figures and traces.

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance if the Galerie Graff, the Galerie René Blouin and La Sociéte d’Esthétique du Québec. Funding for the project was received from the Exhibition Assistance Program of the Canada Council and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, promotion et diffusion des arts visuels au Québec et hors Québec.

For further information please contact: Jana Tyner at,
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