Beginning with the Seventies
Ruins in Process: Vancouver Art in the Sixties

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UBC Masters of Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition

Trevor Mahovsky, Paulo Majano, Rhonda Weppler
and Victor K. T. Wong

9 October—25 October 1998

Working in mediums such as installation, painting, photography and sculpture, this is an excellent opportunity to view an exciting, new generation of Canadian artists:

Referencing the gallery space itself, Trevor Mahovsky uses minimalist sculpture and nineteenth-century animation devices to project “shadow scenes” onto the gallery wall and sounds into the environment.

Working from drawings and photographs of his family, Paulo Majano’s large-scale paintings and intricately rendered small-scale busts take up the issues of portraiture and familial relations.

Rhonda Weppler deals with the ideas of kitsch and domestic spaces by presenting a series of views of the altered reality of a child’s dollhouse through black and white photographs and full-scale sculpture of furniture and household items.

Flower Painting as a genre has been generally overlooked as a subject in art history. Victor K. T. Wong has chosen flowers for their distinct symbolism based on mythology and iconography. His paintings call up ideas related to decadence, desire, and the relationship between nature and culture.

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