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1996 Masters of Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition

Brynhildur Gudmundsdottir, Joy James Henley, Tessa Lamb, Tim Rattel, Mel Stidolph, and Kelly Wood

The exhibition of the graduating Masters of Fine Arts class is now an annual event at the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery. It is the occasion where the work of the Department of Fine Arts and Studio Division is presented to the campus and the community.

The place of studio art on university campuses is fairly recent. It is a phenomenon of the optimism of post-war modernism and realises the belief that the practice of the visual arts produces knowledge. Today, tendencies toward multidisciplinary and cultural studies ought to revive and strengthen the university’s commitment to studio art, for the visual arts are territory where much of the new discourse has emerged. The work in this exhibition is a culmination of two years of intensive academic research for six fine artists. the place of contemporary art in our society is never guaranteed. It takes courage to choose this path, but the rewards are worth the risk.

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