Beginning with the Seventies
Ruins in Process: Vancouver Art in the Sixties

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Beginning with the Seventies
Radial Change

Performance and Discussion Afternoon with Justine Chambers, Peter Dickinson and Evann Siebens: Thursday, July 12, 3-5 pm

How is an archive formed? Memories of performance often exceed the containment of the document, whether photography, film, prop or testimony. As communities disperse and regroup over time, figures may slip away from the centre. Circling around the embodied archive, the exhibition Radial Change is drawn from the title of a dance work by Helen Goodwin. The elusive histories of Goodwin’s choreography and her influence on the interdisciplinary art scene of the 1970s are explored in new installation works by Evann Siebens and by Michael de Courcy. Rhoda Rosenfeld’s photographs of Goodwin’s Environmental Opera document the 1971 beach performance with an immersive, process-based lens. Artworks and objects from the Belkin’s collection and archives track the performance of alter egos and overturn gender constructs, evoke absent bodies and recall remembered gestures. Kate Craig’s film record of the final death-defying flight of Lady Brute and Jin-Me Yoon’s Hey You, Ya You! (Jimmie Yoo) are joined by works by Eleanor Antin, Carole Itter, Walter Marchetti, Rosa Maria Robles, Carolee Schneemann, Atsuko Tanaka, Joyce Wieland and Cornelia Wyngaarden.

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