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19 "1966 Problem Page 70". I started with all the Artforum issues of 1966...not there. I then checked the postmark on the letter, May 1968 (which is the only indication of the date sent, by the way, its not on the letter...good thing these were kept together). So I checked all those of 1968. Found it in May in the section called "Vancouver" by Alvin Balkind, Vol 6 no9, 68-70. The Problem painting was on page 70. No "missal" notation in my copy though.

20 "I've been labeled as the Father of Correspondence Mail Art, which I probably am..." Spodarek, 3.

21 "Contrary" is borrowed from Wilson, as in "He is the mean between contrary extremes, and he is himself extreme and contrary." from "Ray Johnson : The Comedian as the Letter", liner notes for Correspondence : an Exhibition of the Letters of Ray Johnson (Raleigh, N.C. : North Carolina Museum of Art, 1976)

22 Concrete Poetry [exhibition catalogue]. Ray Johnson was asked to participate in this exhibition at UBC, curated by Alvin Balkind, at the request of Michael Morris. Ray flew out for the opening (details of his stay with Michael are provided in their correspondence in the Morris/Trasov archive), and made the artistic-executive decision to not display his works for that night. Jeff Wall responded rather caustically to this in an otherwise positive review of the show (Artforum 7.10 Sum 1969 : 70-71)

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24 The founding date of Image Bank cannot easily be confirmed, as the sources vary. (1968 was mentioned by Vincent Trasov, and so I record that here. However, some sources also suggest that a third artist was involved, but rumour has it that that is not officially acknowledged for personal reasons, and so I do not record anything of the sort here. I only bring it up to demonstrate the misleading nature of recorded 'history'.)

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