Notes for The Language of Mesmerization /
The Mesmerization of Language

by Laiwan (slide installation 1986, web version 2004)

esse : Latin.
to be,
actual existence,
essential being


A translation is not finite but is one of a multiple. The following mathematics is one translation towards an equation : a form of harmonics.

Part One
OBSESSION : POSSESSION uses Sappho Fragment 31 in original Greek translated into literal English. Greek is the mother tongue of English. Sappho : maternal / lover to the object of her desire. She : sad, apart, grieving, pained : possessed by love, obsessed by the image of her desire. She molds her self by the articulation of inarticulateness : she frees and imprisons being by such articulation and discovers a continual flux between freedom and imprisonment within wording.


essen : German.
to eat


Part Two
SPELL (as in grammar / alphabet, witchcraft or wizardry, as in habituation / trance) is derived from Christian source. Words on The Word and Our Father. A woman motions praise to The Father : obedience and order : in sign and English languages.
                          Mother + Father ( we )

Part Three
UNTITLED uses original image and text: I lust to be free and am free to lust : we in equal. The original voice is found here. She steps out and in immense world speaks / finds voice. The word is not the sound alone but the voice.
               A landscape is used, a path that is everywhere.
                          I : landscape ()

casts its own hypnotics. The viewer as translator is requested to work from its equation and with this web version to activate an intervention.

When the word appeared, the word which is in
the heart of those who pronounced it, found it was
not only a sound but that it had taken on a body as well.

Valentinian Gnostics 150AD

We in verbalization create our world with words and believe in fervour so.

Slight changes have been made in this web site version from the original slide dissolve installation from 1986. The original slide dissolve used sepia line prints on mylar inserted into slide mounts for Part Two SPELL — a medium that was impermanent and faded upon exposure to light as the dissolve was projected. This impermanence was utilized to dissolve the spell.